Custard on ‘Why Don’t You?’

As any reader of my previous blogs will know I have a few anxiety issues which results in me being pretty much terrified of everything. Thanks to help and support the dark cloud looms more in the distance than overhead these days. I do like a challenge, a face the fear and do it anyway kind of girl these days, but I’m not the kind of person to leap out of a plane.

As a child I was an avid watcher of the BBC series Why Don’t You? Where you were encouraged to turn off the TV and do something less boring instead. My childhood was very much like this, we weren’t really allowed to watch anything other than BBC to start with!

My Dad was an avid walker and as a family we spent many a day in the Lake District climbing the mountains on paths suggested by Wainwright. We bought a map showing Wainwright’s fells and stuck it on all the wall in our caravan. As we walked each one we coloured in the triangle marked on the map.

Fast forward 15 years and I live with a ‘collector’ of various things, as we live in a pretty small 2 bedroom terrace on a reasonable wage, we can’t collect Ming Vases or Turner paintings but he collects photos of interesting fonts and photos of bicycles (they don’t take up much space thankfully). We are also members of a book club and after my recent stint in London I chose to read as my book. I have always had a fascination with the London Underground – I blame my Dad for that too. Being from the north of England, a day trip to London was a big thing. My dad took me to London for the first time as a little girl of about 7. To be honest I recall little of the trip except I had to sit on his knee on the train, he was wearing wool trousers which made my legs itch, we rode the tube and we went to see Buckingham Palace! In later visits we played the station game, where you have to guess which side the tube platform is on. When we took our first trip to Wembley (me and my Dad again) we included a trip on the tube from Stanmore to Wembley.

My partner and I inspired by Underground Overground decided to collect Tube Stations. Some insane folk choose to visit all 270 tube stations in a day – the world record is a little over 16 hours, here is the storify from the last time it was done we decided that just visiting a few at a time was good enough for us.

On a wet Easter Sunday 2014 we headed up to London and spent the day riding the Tube visiting 45 stations and seeing parts of London I had never visited before, reaching the Northern end of the Central line at Epping as our furthest destination. We tweet all our journeys with #wightubing and we will be blogging the results. We also bought a big tube map to cross off our visits, just like the mountains!

Here is the story so far

It will take us a fair few trips to do the lot, but hey it’s better than Sunday TV! So get off your sofa, switch off the TV and do something less boring instead!


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