Custard on fashion!

Now I’ll be the first to admit I am not a fashionista, I favour a sensible shoe and an M&S stretch jean. I get a bit bored and confused with Vogue. If you are looking for a fashion blog take a look at @NARxo or @WightCatwalk. If you are looking for someone who is most comfortable in her Pjs and the Gap sweatshirt she’s had since 1999 to tell it straight, then read on.

As I said, I am not the height of fashion, I’m not tall or short, fat or thin, I’m somewhere in the middle. I have bits I don’t like, which I cover up, and bits that I do, so I show em off! I am guilty of sticking to a few styles that work for me and can be generally found styling up or down a pair of jeans! But I think as a general rule I usually look ok. I mean sure we’ve all had a few dodgy outfits…I have a few fashion rules I like to stick too.

1. Spandex, a privilege not a right.
I wear stretchy stuff in the gym, and I couldn’t get through that post Christmas period without it, but if it wobbles cover it and if you can see through it don’t wear it outside. I recall a time a girl walked past our house, her leggings were so see through you could see her leopard print knickers underneath, when I pointed it out she was mortified!!

2. Find a good hairdresser, I mean a really good one that you trust. A recent survey showed that a woman will spend more years with her hairdresser than her husband!
They will find colour and cut to suit you and advise you how too look after it well.
When you have found a good hairdresser then try really hard not to knacker your hair, give it a regular rest from harsh styling and it will look great for years.

3. If you are a fat girl (and I was) wearing a silly hat will not make you look thinner, it will however, make you look stupid. I refer mainly to fat Goth girls in top hats (thanks @staticseven) but also this recent trend of a return to 80’s fashions. A fez is ok, if you are drunk or Dr Who!

4. Final Rule and the most important one, for goodness sake, wear undies that fit you! No – one needs to see back boobs on show cos your bra’s too small. 4 boobs cos you are trying to squeeze in a cup size too small – a side comment here, squeezing your ample bust into too small a cup will not give you better cleavage, a correctly fitting bra will. If you are not a size 10 do not squeeze into size 10 knickers, you’ll end up with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places. Even bigger girls can look great in a tight fitting frock just make sure you get your basics right.

So there it is my rules on fashion, feel free to ignore the lot. What do I know? I used to work in BHS!


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