Getting ready for Museomix 2014

So here we are again, Museomix Eve Eve!

I must admit I am much more comfortable about the prospect of attending Museomix than I was this time last year. I at least have an idea what I sort of things I might be doing and I know a couple of people. I have a bit more confidence in my own abilities that I did last year but it is still pretty daunting!

I still have the nagging doubts that I might be asked to do something I can’t or that I’ll get lost, or make a bunch of stupid spelling mistakes on a tweet and look like a dick to the whole world! In the back of my mind is – what if it’s not as good as last year?

So I just spent a few minutes giving myself a good talking too and remembering that I will be part of a very supportive team and I need to go with an open mind, not to compare, but to enjoy it as a brand new but familiar experience.

Right I need to go and choose my mug. See you all on the other side Museomixukers!Museomix to do


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