The power of a model railway!

As part of my museomix experience I was allowed into the bowels of the fabulous railway on the first floor of the Derby Silk mill.
Model trains were part of my childhood as my Grandpa had a train set in his loft. I remember building a papier mache tunnel and painting it with various poster paints to make it match the back ground and helping my dad painstakingly put together a model of the station and the signal box. My Grandpa is now a little to wobbly on his feet to climb the loft ladder but I bet the railway is still there in the roof.
The Derby railway is on a whole different scale with talented staff and volunteers putting hundreds and thousands of hours into the project 20 years so far and at least another 20 years before it is completed (are these things ever completed?).
From scale models of bridges and stations in the Derbyshire countryside to oak trees and women in fancy hats, it’s all in the model! Painting schedules to get the colours just right in the dry stone walls and intricately carved ‘stone’ for bridge parapets, it is a thing of beauty!20141107_144539

My highlight? Crawling into the operations space and turning the dial to move the trains out of the station, I felt like a 10 year old little girl again!!


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