Museomixuk – 2014

So it’s all over for another year, the planning, the tweeting, the enthusing, the blogging, the thousands of photographs, the sleepless nights, the laughs, the cries, the reassurance, the dancing, the hugs.
The prototypes have been seeds of ideas, brainstormed, challenged, built, fettled, presented and tested, all in 3 days.

How was my Museomix?
In a word great! I learned stuff about lots of things including myself. I talked to so many interesting people who gave me advice, confidence and ideas for my future plans. I spent the weekend being amazed that with the right people with you, you can do so much more than I imagined. I also helped to make something this year – a very silly international relations video for the global team, not quite a prototype but a spirit raiser.

How did it compare to last year?
It was different, yes. But ultimately the people were the same, friendly, willing, nervous but in the end fulfilled. Museomix shows the best in people, the best in a community, the best in International friendships. Just like last year it is a hole that will take some time to fill.

I have other thoughts on things that happened this weekend, but that’s for another blog, on another day when I have slept!

I guess at this point in other museomixers blogs there will be pictures of their prototype but I’ll leave you with what we made this weekend! (sorry in advance)


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