The Summer of ’96

Do you ever have those moments in time where you think things are stalking you? For a while everywhere I went or radio station I tuned into was Joe Jackson’s ‘Breaking us in two’. Well at the moment I seem to be being stalked by the summer of 1996.

It was a formative time, the long summer between finishing my GCSEs and starting A-levels. I had a new group of friends, a sense of freedom and some independence.

So what has caused me to head down this nostalgic road?
Well first there was there was the BBC 6 Music ‘Wear your old band t-shirt to work day’ a couple of Fridays ago. Any Indie kid of the 1990’s will remember that you weren’t dressed unless you had your favourite band’s name displayed across your chest. I had loads of them, blur, Oasis, The Levellers, the Prodigy but the only one I had left (and miraculously I could still fit into!) was my Bluetones T-shirt. They are still one of my favourite bands and the Expecting to Fly album was constantly on my CD player in the summer of 1996.
Next, I had to spend a couple of days in bed last week as I kept having dizzy spells. To fill the hours of boredom I started watching ‘My mad fat diary’ on 4oD. It WAS my life as a teenage girl in the summer of 96. How was I going to get noticed by boys? Writing about my angst in a diary, thinking I was fat, painting my nails with silver nail polish, working out how I was going to get into gigs, house parties, drinking Cinzano and lemonade! Fond memories. The music on the show really took me back to the time and the little things like really wanting a phone in my bedroom. I took most of my phonecalls in the downstairs loo as the lead was just long enough to sit in there and have a private conversation. I suppose today’s 16 year olds face time each other from the comfort of their bedroom, it seems so removed from my life at that age.
Finally, my car had to go into the garage this week and the loan car I got had a tape player in it. It reminded me of all the hours I spent putting tapes together for my walkman and for my friends, sharing CDs around all my friends. This made me think, do the kids of today still do this? I guess it’s all about sharing spotify playlists now not wearing out a TDK90!

So many things have changed in my life and the world since 1996, yet some things stay the same, well I still have the same boyfriend anyway!

tshirt dayback to 96

The Bluetones T-shirt and me back in the summer of ’96


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