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Here is another one of my occasional ‘fashion’ blogs!

So, slippers. As a child I don’t recall ever wearing slippers, slippers were a thing worn in ‘shoes off’ households which ours was not. I did however, own slippers. I had an accident at the age of 7 and cut my foot open which meant I couldn’t wear my shoes but I did get to go to school in my slippers for a couple of days – which I was pretty pleased about!

Fast forward 20 years and I now live in a chilly house, a rather draughty Victorian terrace house. I am a firm convert to slippers, in fact some might say I have a love affair with them. I have slippers for all occasions, I have slouching slippers, working from home slippers, everyday slippers, summer slippers, travelling slippers. My other half thinks I might have too many pairs of slippers! I have worn my travelling slippers in hotels, holiday cottages, my parents house and on the sleeper train to Scotland, they are practical asset to every suitcase.

As comfortable as a pair of slippers maybe they are as the Germans would call the ‘House shoes’ and they are for indoor use only. I am not banning the use of a slipper to put out the rubbish or hangout the washing, after all many slippers have a hard sole idea for these practical tasks.  I am not condoning the wearing of a slipper to do your shopping in the Co-op, collect your children from school or on the bus (all of which I have seen this week). How hard can it be to put a pair of shoes on people? I mean an Ugg style boot is really only a few steps away from a pair of slippers and is slightly more socially acceptable!

Ultimately, I love snuggling down in my slippers (and cleaning the kitchen, hanging out the washing, hoovering, dusting…)


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