Reasons to be cheerful (part one)

So here we are, Monday 19th January 2015 – Blue Monday. We are all meant to be at our most miserable today – or so the media would have us believe.

Christmas and New Year are long gone, we’ve all broken our resolutions already and have been secretly eating chocolate since January 5th. We’re all thinking about getting divorced, or we’re single and lonely. Our trousers are still too tight, the nights are long and cold, we’re all skint and cos we’re skint we’re eating weird stuff out of the freezer for tea which has no labels – Freezer Roulette!

Seriously people, it’s not that bad!

Well, actually I know that for some people it is that bad, those suffering from SAD or depression it is bad but it’s bad everyday and not just Monday’s in January. I am not in anyway trivialising that with this blog post. As many of you know I am a real advocate for ending the stigma that mental health issues bring.

Look at what you can be happy about, come on, there must be something? Did you see a Robin bouncing around in your garden today? Did you see snow this weekend and for 10 seconds you went back to being a child? (snow always does that to me!) Did you get a big hug off your mum this weekend or enjoy your children dancing in front of the TV?

Still no? Well, I think you should do something to make you see something that can make you happy. Something that costs nothing, something that will help your trousers fit better, and get the blood pumping round your body and make you feel alive! Go outside and have a walk and don’t just have a wander around the block, taking the route you always do when you walk the dog.

Think about your walk. Go somewhere new and have an adventure, go somewhere you love, go somewhere you haven’t been for ages, take just yourself or take friends and family, listen to nature or make a special ‘going for a walk’ playlist. Take a picnic, take your camera, wear your wellies and your woolly hat. Jump in the puddles, paddle in the sea (in your wellies, we’ll have no hypothermia thank you), enjoy the view, breath in the fresh air even though the cold makes your lungs a bit burny. See you are alive, and yes it might be January and you might have troubles but you are alive and you are experiencing life.

So I’ll leave you some inspiration from Frank Turner

And if that’s not enough, well I’m sure it’ll be June before you know it!


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