Custard on… searching for an idea

Sorry it’s been a while since you had a Custard on… blog. Been busy setting up my business and I’ve been blogging there too, you can find it here

So the new business has been slow and steady, I wasn’t expecting things to happen overnight but after 4 months I am starting to feel like I need to get my head into something. I was let down by a potential project in the last week and with the weather starting to feel milder and spring well underway I am very aware that there is not much happening for me workwise just now.

Never being one to be depressed and with the sun unseasonably warm, I set out for a walk. As you have seen in previous blogs, I am a big fan of a walk, some fresh air, some me time and today was no exception.

Recently I have been listening to Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces Podcasts on my walks. I find it is a good distraction! The podcasts tend to be very interesting both from a subject point of view but also they make me think about stuff which I might not normally think about.

When walking I try to look at things, things I might not have seen before or things which might make a good tweet or blog subject.

Today I saw these

The Pheasant Tie

The Pheasant Tie

The Pheasant Tie – Being sported by a gentleman on the Cowes Floating Bridge. I was immediately drawn to the tie, as it was to be honest quite difficult to miss! I admired the style and then I began to think, where do you buy such an accessory? Not in any shop I am aware of. Is it a statement piece? Does the wearer like pheasants or does he like shooting pheasants or is he a pheasant farmer? The possibilities are really endless once you get the imagination going!

The next thing that got the old brain a churning was this sticker

It's a bit like life...

It’s a bit like life…

I spent much of my adult life thinking exactly this! I have spent the last few months leaping into the unknown rather more than the sensible part of my brain would like! However, it might be unknown but it makes it a real adventure. My life has been enriched once I stopped (at least a bit) being frightened of everything!

At this point I feel I should insert a disclaimer that The Custard does not in any way advocate diving into unknown water, really bad stuff can happen, so just don’t do it!

So as I wound my way back towards home I got my reward – a delicious ice cream from Plaza Ices and as I rounded the corner to my house I got the seed of an idea, something to keep me occupied. It may or may not work, but if I don’t jump, I’ll never know!

A scoop of Kelly's Salted Caramel

A scoop of Kelly’s Salted Caramel


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